The Way The American Drone Works

12.08.1430 Hjr / 03.08.2009

How does the American drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) work and determine its target? Al Qaeda had found the way the drone does its job.

The American and Pakistani intelligence stated that the American unmanned aerial vehicles (drone) are very successful in eliminating the Mujahideen in Pakistan. Those drones had launched 28 attacks on the suspected Mujahideen so far for this year. Thousands of innocent civilians had been martyred as a result of the drone attacks.

But how does the drone work and find its targets? Mullah Nazir, one of the local commanders of the Taliban in Pakistan had discovered it.

"Those aircrafts are guided by a SIM card which was usually inserted into a cell phone and used by the Mujahideen, through the enemies’ spies that had managed to infiltrate and be amongst the Mujahids," he said. The SIM Card sends a signal to the satellite which will guide and tell the drone to shoot its missile.

All these were explained in the book, The Ruling Concerning Muslims Spies authored by Abu Yahya al-Libi, one of the leaders of Al Qaeda. The book can be accessed directly for free on the internet.

The pictures of the SIM Card which can sufficiently use a 9 volt battery were also displayed in the book. The Chips send signals which are strong enough. The gadgets were made by Cejay Engineering, used by the American military and its allies to determine the position of their opponents, identify the location for the missile’s dropping point and also to map the defence lines.

The gadgets use a special LED with a 9 volt battery in order to send signals and the beams coming out from the LED could not be seen by the naked eyes. However, a Night Vision tools might be used, similar to the way the infrared works where the beam could not be seen directly by the naked eyes. The beams from the LED could be seen by using a special gadget from a distance of five miles. In fact, the beam could even penetrate the clothes and could still be seen under water.

The 9 volts battery could withstand up to 100 hours. Actually, a technology of this kind had already been around since 1984, however, most of them were only used for the military purposes. Both of the American Predator Aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicle are equipped with infrared cameras to receive the signals sent by the SIM Card mentioned earlier, almost similar to the way the normal remote control for the TV works, though with a more sophisticated technology as they are used for the military purposes.

However, those gadgets could now be purchased online and it only costs 25 dollars for each piece of the Chipset. The gadgets could be given to the spies or informers, and they would not cause any suspicion in the beginning, only that the spies have to place them somewhere and the American Drone would then respond.

Last April, Habibur Rehman from Pakistan made a statement of confession that he was a spy and worked for the enemies to place the chip before he was executed by the Taliban fighters thereafter.

"I was given a 122 dollars amount of money to wrap the chip with a piece of cigarette paper and then plant it at the house of a Taliban or Al Qaeda fighter," he said. “If I succeed, I was told that I’d be given thousands of dollars more,” Habibur Rehman said before he was executed.

Rehman also said that he did not only place the chips in the territories of the fighters, but also in other areas where there were lots of civilians to the extent that it had caused hundreds of people killed because of his actions as a spy.

"I knew that I could cause death to the people because of my actions, but I really need the money," he added.

The Taliban are really not joking in dealing with the spies, soon as they are captured, there is no choice but to execute them.

Submitted by a Mujahid