Report about the pledge of alliance of the ‘Gaaljecel’ clan to Harakaat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen Sunday 7/2/1433


Safar 15, 1433 A.H, Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In the beginning:

The Somali arena witnesses in the recent period an anxious competition between the clans to support the religion of Allah, this competition comes after the Moslems realized the truth about the conspiracy that are plotted against Islam and the Moslems and the wise and ignorant understand and were sure that the right is with the mujahidin and that they are the only ones capable of protecting this religion and repelling the ferocious crusade against the riches of the Ummah, and the resistance of the mujahidin in the recent years against all the conspiracies that surrounded them affected deeply in the souls of the people, especially after they realized the love of the mujahidin and their sincerity in serving them and seeking to do all that they can to serve the Moslems and saw the size of the huge achievements that were achieved by the Islamic Wilayas and the successive victories which Allah granted the mujahidin in these harsh conditions and all this were with humble and limited capabilities, the enemies gathered against us and aimed at us in one bow but our trust in the promise of Allah was bigger than all that and Allah made the mujahidin steadfast, and the mujahidin worked in the past years to incite the Ummah towards jihad and reminded the Somali clans with their ancient past in fighting and jihad against the colonial campaigns in the region and this is what was mentioned by sheikh Mukhtar Abu Al-Zubair may Allah preserve him Amir of Harakaat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen recently in his interview with the Al-Andalus radio, and even on the day of the pledge sheikh Ali Dhere may Allah preserve reminded the clan of ‘Gaaljecel’ with some of its past when he said: ‘The clan of ‘Gaaljecel’ has an ancient history in supporting the mujahidin, and it often stood beside us and spent their money and sons for the sake of Allah, and we remind you that from this clan is one of the senior mujahidin, sheikh Hassan Barsani rahimahullah, he fought who occupied this land before, and fought the Ethiopians in Jowhar and Balaad’, also what was said by sheikh Yusuf Ali Uqas Wali of the Islamic Wilayah of Hiiraan in the Pledge celebration ‘You know that the locations that the enemy launched in it violent attacks and bombed, plundered and burnt it were among them the locations that were inhabited by this clan, so we say that the blood that was spilled in this bombardment, and the burning that was conducted, and the money that were taken won’t go in vain so your blood is our blood and your destruction is our destruction’.

Influence of the Dawah:

The pledge of the clan of ‘Gaaljecel’ and other tribes of Al-Ansar came as a result of many factors that are connected to each other, and on the top of these reasons is the good handling of the mujahidin with the tribes since the people look at the actions more than their concern about the sayings, and everyone speaks good but few people act good, and from the best morals that distinguish the mujahidin is justice between the people and fairness of the poor and snatching their rights from those who plundered it, because the Islamic courts in the Wilayas resolved cases which some were unresolved for nearly twenty years and souls and blood were gone for it and families were displaced as an affect of that, and about this point (Hassan Qassim Gaeli) one of the elders of the ‘Gaaljecel’ clan said to Al-Andalus radio ‘We came from Shabeellaha Dhexe, Shabeellaha Hoose and Hiiraan, and we agreed that there is security in the Islamic Wilayas is stable from the first day the mujahidin entered it’.

Also the miscellaneous Sharia courses and lectures that were held by the Office of Dawah of the Harakaat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen by its widespread branches in the Islamic Wilayas had a big effect in explaining to the people the realities, and who follows the speeches that were said by the elders of the clan will feel how much the people were affected by the correct methodology and Aqeeda until the elders of the clan became as Daa'iyahs and preachers for the sake of Allah, for example what was said by Mohammed Othman one of the elders of the ‘Gaaljecel’ clan about the pledge: ‘As long as the Kuffar are allied for war against the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His messenger we agreed to fight for the sake of Allah and restore the Khilafa, our cause isn’t Somalia we are people of a global thought and we took this thought entirely as Harakaat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen took it’, and also said: ‘the one who takes the constitution and leaves the Book of Allah and deals with the man made laws, Allah has nothing to do with him’.

The right time:

The clan of ‘Gaaljecel’ isn’t the first clan to give the pledge of alliance to Harakaat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen, there are many tribes who gave the pledge to the movement from a long time, and even the clan of ‘Gaaljecel’ itself this is not the first pledge that it gives to the jihad and mujahidin since the clan was from the pioneer clans in supporting the religion of Allah, and this pledge is considered the strongest response to the latest Ethiopian aggression on the city of Beledweyne the capital of the Islamic Wilayah of Hiiraan. The pledge came after one day from the occupation of the city of Beledweyne, and the speeches that were delivered by the elders of the clan in the pledge celebration didn’t miss to remind of the pledge and what results from it from spending blood and money, and the conferees vowed to continue fighting against the Ethiopians and give them a harsh lesson.

The pledge:

In the village of ‘Shu’ one of the villages that belong to the directorate of ‘Galalqasi’ sheikh Ali Mahmud Ragi may Allah preserve him took the pledge of alliance from nearly 100 of the elders of the clan on behalf of sheikh Mukhtar Abu Al-Zubair may Allah preserve him. Sheikh Ali Dhere began his talk by transferring the greetings and salute of sheikh Abu Al-Zubair to the clan of ‘Gaaljecel’, then sheikh Ali began to explain to the elders of the clan the meanings of the pledge and what results from it, after that the people gave their pledge successively to sheikh Ali one after another before the public, and the pledge was taken as follows, the one who gives the pledge shake hands with sheikh Ali and sheikh Ali Ragi says to him: ‘Will you give the pledge of alliance to hear and obey in activity and laziness, and spending in hardship and ease, and preference over yourselves, and not to squabble the righteous people for governance except if you saw a clear Kufr that you have a prove from Allah about it, and to promote virtue and forbid evil, and enforcement of the Sharia of Allah and implementation Hudud and jihad against the Kuffar and apostates, and not to give shelter to a runaway from a murder or crime, and not to fear in Allah the blame of the blamers, and support Islam in your land and defend it from what you would defend yourselves, wives and sons as much as you can, and your reward is from Allah’.

Submitted by a Mujahid