Habib Riziq Shihab: Amrozi And Freinds Are “Min Ahlil Khair”


The polemic about the death of Amrozi, Imam Samudra, and Mukhlas attracted the attention of the Islamic ummah. Even though the three of them died because of the execution by a firing squad, different judgements emerged from a number if Islamic figures.

Majelis Ulama of Indonesia MUI, for example assessed that the death of Amrozi and friends are not included as dying shaheed. Meanwhile the leader of Ansharut Tauhid who is also an ex-general leader of the MMI (Majelis Mujahideen of Indonesia) assessed it differently. According to him Amrozi and friends died shaheed, because they passed away in the attempt of fighting the enemies of Islam.

These differences in opinion might be expected in view of the different viewpoint s with regards to the struggle accomplished by Amrozi and friends.

According to Habib Riziq Shihab, be it the MUI or Abu Bakar Ba’asir, both are equally right. “From the local lenses, the MUI is right because Indonesia is not a battle arena. But from the global lenses Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asir is more right that Amrozi and friends died shaheed, because the entire Islamic world is presently attacked by the Taghout America and its allies,” Habib Riziq explained.

However according to him, the lenses which the MUI use to see is small, whereas Ustadz Ba’asir’s lenses is big. “What’s certain is that Amrozi and friends died in a good end. Six years in the prison, only praying, fasting, reading Alquran, and etc. Even the moment they were executed, Amrozi and friends viewed it with open eyes and the shout of takbir,” he added.

In the case of Bali Bombing 2002, quite a number of notable Islamic figures agreed that it was a wrong. But according to Habib Riziq, it could not be made as a yardstick for the death of Amrozi and friends.

“Supposing the Bali Bombing 2002 was wrong, that was an old case. Therefore, do not judge a thing with a case of the past, judge it according to the present time,” the leader of the Defenders of Islam Front.

He explained, during the time of Rasulullah SAW there was a case where a fornicating woman was executed. At that time one of his companions scorned at the woman. Then Rasulullah SAW corrected him and said that the goodness that the woman acquired by her repentance, is enough to forgive the sins of all the populations Madinah.

“Therefore judge from the present time. Do not judge from the past. Bear witness that Amrozi and friends are rightly guided people. Isyhaduu annahum min ahlil khoir! Takbiiir. Sholluu ‘alan Nabi!” Habib said enthusiastically.

Submitted by a Mujahid