Ustadz Farid Achmad Okbah: Shiah Worse Than Israel

Rabīʿ al-Ākhir 12, 1433 A.H, Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Speaking at a glance, the teachings of Shiah seems like a part of the religion of Islam. However, if examined deeper, the readers will learn and find differences that are very much far away from Islam.

Not a few Muslims are influenced by the teachings of Shiah. The Islamic figures themselves are no exception. To know more deeply the actual teachings of Shiah, Eman Mulyatman from Sabili interviewed Ustadz Farid Achmad Okbah, M. Ag, Chairman of the Al-Islam Foundation, Bekasi.

The interview took place in between the Public Tausiah event entitled, “Exposing The Ulcers Of The Shiah Religion, Islam versus Shiah Pre-Debate” Sunday, (19/02/2012), at Masjid At-Taqwa, East Jakarta, organized by the Majelis Mujahidin.

Here's the excerpt of the interview:

Indonesia becomes the target of Shiah?

Actually Shiah is not just a national problem, but has become an international one. The intention of the Muslims to be able to accept the Shiahs as a part of the Islamic Ummah, has been abused by the Shiahs to do “Shiah-nization” against the Islamic Ummah. This was what awoke Prof. Yusuf Qaradhawi, who initially supported the Shiah and Sunnah approach—but in 2009— returned to attack and expose the wretchedness of Shiah. In the book al-Fatawa Muasirah he said, “The movement of Shiah has extended its tentacles in Indonesia.” According to their confession, as many as 300 people every year have been educated to become the cadres of Shiah.

Who are, “Their” that you meant?

It is obvious, behind it is the state of Iran. Among others, the Embassy of Iran has created a movement to spread the teachings of Shiah. Shiah has infiltrated the Organizations, Educational Institutions, Foundations and so on.

Is it due to the presence of political supports from the Indonesian Government themselves?

A portion of Indonesian figures do not understand about Shiah. They accept only because of the spirit of brotherhood. As a result, they are affected emotionally and they protect the Shiah people, in fact even say that Shiah is not astray. In Indonesia, there is the sentiment of anti-America and Zionist Jew Israel, this is what they take advantage of, so that with that sentiment, we (the Islamic ummah) are blurred. Whereas, Shiah is far more evil than Israel.

Why is Shiah deemed more evil than Israel?

Israel attacks physically, while Shiah dares to corrupt the Muslims from within, i.e. corrupting the aqeedah.

How far has Shiah made the damages?

In the circle of the Palace, it has entered, in fact even in the circles of the DPR (Parliament) it has also entered. Its message has expanded, if we do not pay attention to it collectively, then it is feared to become a threat for the Islamic ummah. Just as Indonesia has formed the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) —to ward off drugs with the finances, efforts, statistics and etc. But when the Muslims do not take as good measures as the BNN, then Shiah will spread much more ferociously than narcotics. For the Muslims, the narcotics are dangerous for the physiques but Shiah is far more dangerous than narcotics, because Shiah will damage the faith and aqeedah. This is to illustrate why Shiah is more dangerous than narcotics.

They claim that Shiah has an old history in Indonesia?

I am not talking about history, because it is still debatable. But this concerns the issue of aqeedah, its references are the ulama's with their viewpoints. The products that they provide, there are around 800 books (about the danger of Shiah) which have already spread in the society.

What have been their tactics that they manage to blur the society?

They are always using the name “Ahlul Bait”, a form of cover up of the Shiah so that they can be accepted in the society. We Muslims, all love the Ahlul Bait. Amongst those who bring Shiah are the habibs. Thank god, now there are habibs who reject Shiah.

Is Shiah not Islam?

Not all Shiah are the same, there is Shiah Imamiyah, there is Shiah Ja’fariyah. They claim to be Muslim, their solat are facing the qiblah but their five pillars of Islam are solat, fasting, zakat, hajj and loyalty to the imam and their pillars of Iman are five, namely iman in tawheed, iman in justice, iman in prophethood, iman in imamate and al-ma’ad (qiyamah/judgement day). If that differs from the beliefs of Muslims then they would not be called kafir before they actually commit kufr because it is still “teachings” in nature. But if seen from its teachings, obviously Shiah is not from Islam.

How about the activities of those IJABI and ABI?

The Jama'ah Ahlul Bait Union (IJABI) and Ahlul Bait Indonesia (ABI) are the official movements of Shiah that are taking up any measure by alpha centauri (secret projects) and conducting da'wah by using the medium of the organizations. The Muslims must observe them and we must also warn the public to not get carried away into the IJABI and ABI movements as they are very active in the districts.

Why Indonesia became a target?

The majority of the Indonesian are Muslims and the Shiahs have in it. In Indonesia, their base has already existed, namely the habibs. The habibs have influence in the districts. So the Shiahs would ride on them. But not all habibs want to be ridden on, such as habib Thahir, he even rejects them.

How do they get into the society?

Through culture with dzikir and then nourished with the assemblage of thariqah, though not all from the sufi circles became part of Shiah.

What is the most effective way to root out Shiah?

We will not be able to eradicate deviance completely, indeed it's impossible to root out. Lets do fastabiqul khairat fortifying the aqeedah of our brothers.

What are the tips to deal with the Shiahs?

First, shield the ummah of the ahli sunnah. Second, we must expose the teachings of Shiah to explain and tell the ummah, so that they are shielded from the influence of the teachings of Shiah. Third, there must be a concerted efforts from the notable figures of the Islamic ummah to convince the MUI (Majelis Ulama's of Indonesia) so as to restrict the movement of Shiah and issue a fatwa on the falseness and misquidance of the teachings of Shiah, as a shield for the Islamic ummah. Fourth, a preparation for a certain circle, i.e. amongst the ulama's to look into and strip Shiah down to its roots.


Video Of ‘Muhammad Durrah’ Tragedy Repeated In Syria

HOMS, Syria – The tragedy of the boy, ‘Muhammad Durrah’ who was killed along with his father by the firings of the Zionist Jews occupation army in Palestine, is now repeated in Syria. It was the boy, Muhammad Dhiya’, who was shot dead by the Nusairiyah military regime of Syria in Naway, Dir’a province, Saturday (3/3/2012).

That Saturday morning, the boy, Muhammad Dhiya’ and his father were in the procession of the residents of Naway. They were sending off for the burial of the residents who were martyred by the attacks of the military regime of Bashar Assad. All of a sudden, the military regime fired at them incessantly. The residents scattered seeking places to hide from the firings.

Unfortunately, Muhammad Dhiya’ got shot and he straggled on the road. His father raised his hands and asked for the shootings to be stopped. But the firings from the military were still aimed at him. Another resident dragged him so that he would not fall together with his son.

A spokesman for the General Council of the Syrian Revolution in the province of Homs, Hadi Abdullah, reported to the BBC that since the occupation of Bab Amru last Thursday (1/3/2012), the military regime of Syria have been committing genocide against the demonstrators and the oppositions in that district. “Several families with all their members were slaughtered,“ he said, Sunday (4/3/2012).

Bab Amru: Fir'aun Assad's Army Bombarded A Masjid, Masjid Remains Intact

HOMS, Syria - After a weak decision at a meeting in Tunisia, the army of Fir'aun Assad continued the shelling in Bab Amru for the 25th consecutive day. The people in Bab Amru are under a terrible siege, while the world are only watching the Muslims being killed one by one. And the killings are still ongoing.

This video was recorded by a Muslim man who was under the siege of the army of Assad which bombarded a Masjid. While continuing to record, he cried the takbeer "Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar", for seeing the Masjid of Allah bombarded by the Mushrikeen, he appealed to his brothers while crying "Aina ya Muslimeen – where are you O Muslims?". Despite the bombardment, Subhanallah the Masjid is still intact, not collapsing. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar!

Bloody Friday In Homs By The Hands Of Fir'aun Assad's Army

HOMS, Syria - Innalillahi wa innailaihi raji'uun, after taking control of Bab Amru, Homs, the army of Fir'aun Assad are getting increasingly free and savage in committing atrocities against the Muslims of Syria. On Friday (2/3/2012), it had been a bloody day in Homs, where peaceful protests were taking place in a number of districts in Homs.

The number of Syrian Muslims who were shaheed (insha Allah) on that Friday reaches 75, including, amongst them, children and 2 females. 34 were shaheed in Homs, amongst them 14 were executed in the neighborhood of Bab Amru, 16 in al-Rastan, 11 in Idlib including 2 in Saraqeb, 9 in Hama, 9 in Deir Ezzor, 8 in Aleppo, 2 in Douma, in the outskirt of Damascus and the rest were shaheed in Daraa and Lattakia.

The sadistic massacre was carried out by the army of Assad by bombarding the Muslim demonstrators and shooting straight at them.

All the sadistic massacre tragedies were documented by the oppositions and Syrian media in the form of videos, some were not published because of the gruesome images. A Friday which should have been full of tranquility turned bloody at the hands of Assad's army. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah.

Translated and Submitted by a Mujahid