Amrozi, Imam Samudra And Mukhlas Still Celebrate ‘Eid


The atmosphere of ‘Eidul Fitri 1429 Hijriyah at the Batu State Prison, Nusakambangan Island, District of Cilacap, Central Java, appeared different as compared to the previous years as it was now filled with dozens of journalists.

Dozens of journalists from the print and electronic media who came to report about the celebration at the Batu State Prison had to wear the prepared identification cards and go through a network of inspections by the police as well as the prison’s staffs before crossing over to the Nusakambangan Island.

Moreover, a team of fully armed policemen could be seen guarding around the Batu State Prison during the entire performance of the Solatul ‘Eid which was held at an open space in the compound of the prison on Wednesday (1/10) morning.

All the prisoners and prison staffs assembled to anticipate the Solatul ‘Eid performance in the open space.

The same goes for the three accused Bali Bombing I case, Amrozi, Mukhlas, and Imam Samudra who could be seen in the most front row, sitting next to each other, behind the left side of the Imam for the Solatul ‘Eid, H. Hasan A. Makarim from the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) for the district of Cilacap.

The Imam in his khutbah invited the assembly to reflect on the meaning of ‘Eidul Fitri after going through the ibaadah of fasting for a whole month in Ramadhan. According to him, various forms of very heavy trials had to be confronted during the performance of the ibaadah in the month of Ramadhan.

With regards to the issues of life, he said that our lives are not to be lived for the purpose of having enjoyment only, except to work hard for the sake of an eternal life in the hereafter.

"Let’s ask for forgiveness from Allah SWT for all what we have done," he said.

The moment the remissions for the occupants of the Batu State Prison were going to be read after the Solatul ‘Eid and the Khutbah, Imam Samudra was seen moving from his place of seating to join with the rest of the assembly on the leftmost rows.

The same goes for Amrozi who shifted to approach the Chief Provincial Officer of the Law Department and the Basic Human Rights for the province of Central Java, Bambang Margono, the Chief Provincial Officer for the Division of the Socialization Department and the Basic Human Rights, Bambang Winahyo, and the Head of Batu State Prison, Sudijanto.

Amrozi looked joyful and joked lightheartedly with those officials, in fact he could even be seen embracing them.

The joyful condition of Amrozi and his friends while in the prison was exactly like what had been told by Ustadz H. Hasan to the journalists every time they finished performing the Friday Prayer at Masjid At-Taubah, Batu State Prison. According to H. Hasan, they looked radiant, healthy and no signs of fear in them while facing the preparation for execution.

"In fact, Imam Samudra had even the chance to ask me of where I would give the khutbah for the ‘Eidul Fitri 1429 H.," he expressed.

According to him, as soon as the letter for giving ‘Eidul Fitri khutbah was obtained from the Head of Batu State Prison, Imam Samudra right away said "Insha Allah we will meet again".

According to Hasan A. Makarim again, that statement came out from Imam Samudra because there had never been any definitive decision on the execution.

"Nevertheless, they are ready to face the execution anytime because that was what they had anticipated since a long time ago. In fact, when I said that they are a lot of people out there who talked about the execution plan, they simply said, ‘let them be’," he said.

Commentaries About Execution

With regards to the plan for execution, Amrozi admitted that he never thought so much about it. On the contrary he as asked the reporters the same question, ‘are you journalists prepared to die?’

According to him, the issue of death is only known to Allah and if there was really going to be executions, the executors would be cursed by Allah.

He felt confident that if he was to be executed, there would certainly be someone who would avenge it. However he did not specify who would be avenging it. "I don’t have to mention who would avenge it," he said.

In fact, Mukhlas alias Ali Gufron said that the execution is a criminal act and everyone involved in it would be cursed by Allah. "The executors are from the forces of taghout (satan), anyone involved in implementing it will be cursed by Allah," he said while crying out the “takbir” followed by a number of prisoners from the Batu State Prison.

When asked about the last messages before facing the execution he said that there was never any last messages.

"The One who knows about the execution is Allah, and I am confident that the people who are carrying out the execution will be executed first by Allah," he said assertively.

Nevertheless, Mukhlas also conveyed his 1st Shawwal 1429 ‘Eidul Fitri message hoping that all his good deeds are accepted by Allah.

He left a message to all the Mujahideen to rejoice because by the permission of Allah, Islam will triumph as evidenced in some cases such as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Confidence of Imam Samudra

About the execution post ‘Eidul Fitri, Imam Samudra was not surprised if it was not executed at all. He assessed that the public prosecutors were too afraid to execute him and his two friends, Amrozi and Muklhas.

Imam admitted that he did not think too much about the execution because the subject of death is the affair of Allah and it had made him physically and psychologically prepared if the execution was to be carried out. Though he is certain that there would be people who would avenge it. "If we are executed, Insha Allah there will be repercussions," he said.

He admitted that he was not willing to be executed by way of shootings as is commonly practiced in the kafir countries. "We are not pleased with the procedure of the Dutch law," he asserted.

He said that he did care about the constitution and thus he had he chosen to move away from his seating position the moment the remissions for the prisoners were read.

As for messages for his family, Imam asked his family to be patient because the execution would not be carried out.

Concerning the Bali Bombing I case which killed 220 people on the 12th October 2002, he admitted that he did not regret it, in fact he was satisfied with the act. Nevertheless, he asked for forgiveness from the Muslims who had become victims of that incident.

"I will not ask for forgiveness from the kafirs, I only beg for forgiveness for the Muslim victims," he said. He said that Australia is the number one enemy of his circle and that they were not keen to apologize for the victims from that country. He further said that apologies will only be given, if Australia and its allies end their war against the Mujahideen and Taliban.

Regarding the Bombing in Legian, Bali, Imam admitted that it was his work though he was not too sure as regards the strength of the bomb explosion. "I am confident that it was our act, but if the outcome was like what we have witnessed, Wallahu`alam," he said.

He admitted that he only used 2 tons of carbide for the explosion but evidently the effect was tantamount to using a 100 tons of TNT.


The Chancellor, Hendarman Supandji, earlier stated that the execution for Amrozi would be carried out before the Islamic ummah perform the ibaadah of fasting in Ramadhan, on the 1st of September 2008.

However the decision was later revised by the statement from the Deputy Attorney General for the Public Persecution Acts, AH Ritonga, which mentioned that the execution would be carried out after the ‘Eidul Fitri 1429 H, ie. in October 2008. According to him, the adjournment of the execution was done until a definitive time was obtaioned from the Chancellor on Monday (25/8).

"The statement from the Chancellor was not definitive, it only hoped for it to be done before the beginning of Ramadhan. Obviously, after all the reassessments, the time was not right ," he said during the General Prosecution meeting held in Jakarta, Wednesday (27/8).

Meanwhile, the Chief Provincial Officer of the Law Department and the Basic Human Rights for the province of Central Java, Bambang Margono, said at the completion of the Solatul ‘Eid that Amrozi would still be confine in a special cell until an order for the execution is issued by the Public Prosecutors.


Submitted by a Mujahid